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Can I say that basically Carlton pools owns my life?!? Grrrrrr ... yes on my first weekend at school which might I remind you it a long weekend, I have to spend long, horrible hours there with my least favorite person in the entire world =X I mean I DO need the money but still .. sorry I needed to rant because I will be missing nice labor day parties =( Cassidy was like come over this weekend we are going to have a huge party in my apartment. I was like that's so awesome I'll be .... oh wait no, I will be home, working. F*cking carlton pools.

Ok I think that I have finished ranting about that, lol. Well tomorrow is my last day of class this week, I love having no class fridays. But after my night class tomorrow I have to drive home so I can be up at the ass crack of dawn to be at work. BOO!!

Hmm I suppose it's about that time to go get ready to sleep and all. Goodnight :-*

OOOO notice my current song *Leila!*, does it bring back some memories from say an encounter with shawn!?!?! hahahaha
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