Erin (lilvos) wrote,


Haha yes i was sent this and i found it so funny and all you kids that went (and still go) to UHS you will understand, lol haha

"today we salute you, unionville girl. from the minute you park your $40,000 16th birthday gift in the lower parking lot wearing whatever lengerie abercrombie is calling a skirt this week, you become the sole reason why every member of the janitorial staff LOVES his job. when you're not wearing your powder puff sweatpants, you are the heroine of sidestepping the school dress code by mastering the art of the strategically-placed zip-up hoodie. sure, you and all of your best girlfriends have already dated the same guy...twice. but you are so informed of everyone else's business that its okay to sleep around-you already know who has what STD's! so crack open an ice-cold bud light, unionville girl (because you show up everywhere buzzed, or at least pretending to be) because, you will always be a UHS girl."
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