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What a good day =)

So yesterday was Warped Tour in Hershey. It was definitely a good time. We went a second time to basically see The Matches and From First To Last and then whoever else we watched was an added bonus. Well anyway we get there and are walking around to try and find the stages and who is playing where and at what time and we see matchbook romance on the stage and see the fro so we knew then that the matches weren't playing right now. So we are standing there watching them and there was a poster saying what time the matches went on and we had plenty of time. But then we saw Shawn on stage singing with MBR which was definitely nice. ;) So we stayed and watched for awhile then went in search of the stage we needed and when FFTL was playing. We eventually find the SmartPunk stage and when they went on *6:40*. So went went to the Epitaph tent and found The Matches tent, I got my shirt and then we went to the Volcom stage to wait for the matches. We saw Letter Kills I believe and they were pretty good. Then we got right up front for the matches. They were awesome as usual. They put on a great show. Thank goodness for the Reel Big Fish, Zebrahead, Wakefield show that we went to a year ago so we could see The Matches an instantly fall in love with their sound. But yeah then we went to talk to the guys, well shawn because he was the only one who stayed at the tent after their set. They had a signing line so we went through that and talked to them all. Then we went and sat down and got stuff to drink because it was fucking hot yesterday. We rested and saw this really hot guy that we were debating whether we should take a picture and we waited to long because we we decided yes, he was leaving =( oh well we saw him later that night. Anyway we then we to the SmartPunk stage to wait for FFTL. We caught the tail end of someone I can't rememeber their name. Then we watched Brazil, I didn't like them but that's ok. Then FFTL came on and they were awesome. We were right up front for them and it was crazy. But don't worry no more black eyes this time. Then we waited to meet from FFTL because Gwen wanted their autograpghs but Leila and I had to ask them for her, lol. But then we went and watched some of Fall Out Boy. Then we wandered around because we didn't know what to do. That's when we saw the hot guy again. After awhile we wandered back to the matched tent and talked with Justin and got pictures. No knuckle pats this time but high fives. Hahahah then he took empty boxes and wore them. Hahahaha it was like the Tin man but with boxes. Then we talked to Jon for a little bit. He is sooo funny, I love him. When I asked for a picture he said he didn't have on to give me so he picked up a picture of Good Charlotte and gave it to me, lol so now I have that. And then he handed me something that someone had drawn and he really liked it so I have it to him. Hahaha so he could sell for a $100 to buy midgets. Hahahaha he wants to buy them and keep them hidden and then re-sell them for more money. LOL it was definitely an interesting conversation. But that's why we love him. Then we said our goodbyes to them because we won't see them for awhile, they said they would be back in the fall which isn't too far away so thats good stuff. But basically that was our day and it was a great one. I miss those boys already but the fall is better than nothing.

WOOO 1 week from tomorrow I will be heading to boston for the lax championships with daria. And right now it looks like both my teams are gonna make it to the playoffs!!! my luck they will then play each other in the first game. Oh well. Alright I am out, later on.

P.S. I joined So if you are on there, add me as a friend =) My Profile
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