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Back to school...

So I have returned to good old e-town for another year. Yipee. I have a new roommate this year and so far things seem to be going quite well. Which is always a good thing. My classes seem ok so far even though I haven't had one of them yet because it's a thursday night class. But so far my business classes seem to be a lot of group work and learning how to work with people from all different backgrounds and such. And my 2 communications courses are going to be a lot of writing, and the 3rd class I don't know yet. But this is what my schedule looks like:

Monday - Principles of Management 3:30-4:45
Reporting and Newswriting 6:45-8:30

Tuesday - Principle of Marketing 12:30-1:45

Wednesday - Principles of Management 3:30-4:45
Reporting and Newswriting 6:45-8:30

Thursday - Principle of Marketing 12:30-1:45
Media Management 6:30-9:30

Friday - No Class

And I also have applied communications which I am on the yearbook staff for, to take pictures, write copy and layout .. lots of work for NO credit. Gotta love it. But thank goodness it's my last applied com class.

I have sooo much reading to do already and it's only the second day. I finished for my management class but then I have a shit load to read for reporting and newswriting, which I will do tomorrow since I have plenty of time to get it done. I like my schedule this semester, no early classes ever and I have a 3 day weekend every weekend. Which is super nice. This weekend I'm going home for labor day but it won't be a vacation because I have to work and carlton friday and saturday .. and most likely sunday and monday too because I am sure that brad is going to take off since pete has off friday and saturday, which means that I get stuck working this whole vacation. Oh well, I definitely need the money so I guess it will be alright. Then next weekend Resident Evil comes out and I really want to see it so I most likely will be going home to see it with Daria or maybe she could come up here to see it and visit since she is living at home now *wink wink*

But hopefully this semester will be an okay one, I have a nice schedule, plenty of free time .. and plenty of time to get all my work done 666-D *hahaha the devilish grin, haven't used that in awhile, lol* But I think that it's time to sleep because I took my allergy pill which makes me sleepy and it's kicking in big time, so goodnight all and have a good time at school =P
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