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So resident evil 2 opens tomorrow and I am super excited about that =) Daria is coming up to school and we are going to go see it. I'm so ready to see this movie because they advertised for it like a really long time ago and then it never came out so I am really ready to see it. This weekend is going to be eventful, daria's coming tomorrow and then saturday i'm going to watch my brother play football in the afternoon, then i'm going with my mom to a mary kay function which is a dinner and a makeover .. free food and makeovers, i'm up for it. Then sunday is laundry/homework day =X

Tomorrow I really want to go get Yellowcard's cd. I mean I knew some of their songs but then I saw them live and they were really good and then the new song they released, "Only One", I love that song, so I really have this urge to go buy it. I just recently bought the new Papa Roach cd which is good and The Killers CD, it is definitely different but I enjoy it. Alright I think it's time to go submerge myself in work ... or the TV ;) Later on
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