Erin (lilvos) wrote,

Mary Kay

Well it's official .. I know sell Mary Kay =O It was kinda expected since my mother, cousin, aunt and grandmother all see it, I was naturally the next oldest female in the family. They all needed me to help them out and by me signing on they move up and their business grows, blah blah. But anyway, yes I sell it and if you need anything at all, let me know and I can order you Mary Kay. They actually are all high tech now and we get our own website sooooo you can visit my site on the web here My Mary Kay Site

So if you want to buy anything, go there and you can browse what we have and then you can order right there. Pretty simple. But if you would like a catelog or mailers for coupons and all that, let me know and give me your address (email me your addresses, so I can get stuff in the mail. =D
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