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YAY Home Grown!!

So I went to see them tonight. They were awesome but I wish that they played stuff from "That's Business" but they didn't. And fucking Lancaster has a 10 pm curfew, so the show was done by 10 and I was home by 11 .. since when does that happen?!? But anyway, we had a fun time. Hallifax was good, we got there late so we missed most of their set but from what I heard they were good. Then the band that I never heard of came on, Denver Harbor, but they were really awesome. And I found out that 2 of the members are from Fenix TX which explains why I thought the one guitar player looked sooo familar. But anyway, they were awesome. Then Spitafield came on, they were really good too. All these bands had a lot of energy and it was awesome. Even tho there were like 40 people there, it was still a good show. But Home Grown was so good. They played stuff off their new EP which you can't buy in stores so i was going to buy it tonight but they didn't have any ... bastards... but they played a lot of stuff from King of Pop which was cool but no surfer girl or the hearing song, or anything from That's Business. We wanted them to play One Night Stand but they didn't. They started to but it got turned into John wanted to sleep with someone and it's been so long and blah blah. It was really funny but they should have played the damn song. But yeah they were good and they were fun and entertaining and I enjoyed it. After we met Adam .. can I say that he is so cute and really nice and friendly. It's a shame that I can't make it to anymore of their dates on this tour. But he said that they are most likely going to back out on tour in a couple of months so that will be hella fun. Hahahaha he was dripping with sweat, his shirt was soaked and he was telling us about it and when we were like alright well we're gonna go he was like ok it was nice meeting you and it looked like he was gonna give me hug and the first thought that went through my head wasn't oh awesome but ewwwww he's really sweaty, haha I think I looked alittle confused or something but he didn't, he just put his hand on my shoulder, the hand that was touching his soaked shirt, it was funny, I guess you had to be there. But then we went back to the merch tables and I got a Denver Harbor CD and a Spitafield CD. We chatted with the Spitafield guy and then with the guitar player from DH, Chirs I believe his name is, he was trying to persuade me into buying a shirt. I had already bought the CD and was like no next time i see you I will get s shirt and he was like you have to get this one with the heart in the middle because you have a Mest shirt on and the lead singer has that same shirt and wears it, lol i was like oh ok i'm going too buy now because Tony has one, lol lol I didn't get but they have some pretty cool stuff that I will have to look into. But yeah they are playing in DE, like 30 minutes from me saturday and I really would love to see them but I have to check with the girls I was going to see Something Corporate if they wouldn't mind switching shows. We don't have So. Co. tickets because it's Free but it's in the city and there is no parking and for us to take public transportation is a total mess soooooo yeah but we will see. But I just realized that it's 1:30 am and I have to work at 11 ... I'm going to sleep ... goodnight :-*
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