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Ok ... so it's amazing how one incredible nice thing that someone says to can make your whole entire day. This morning I checked my email and there was this really nice message from someone that I never ever expected to get a message from ... holy cow I almost had a heart attack it was that good. (If you wanna know who it was, you're just gonna have to ask me and maybe I'll tell =P) But I have been sooo like happy and smiley all day ... it's great haha. And on top of it all tomorrow I'm going to see The Matches!! This week has been turning out to be wonderful ... I'm so happy, haha. Tuesday I went to a great show, today I have a great email and tomorrow The Matches and than saturday more great bands and then no class monday or tuesday for fall break ... woooooo!!

Gosh ... I love the simple pleasures (or in this case words) can make you feel soooo good. Ok well I'm gonna go be a girl because I can =P

Later On!
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