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Wasting Time

So I'm trying to waste a little time before class so I felt the need to update this and talk about my fun night.

So I went to Philly last night with Daria and Katie to go thru the "Nightmares on Broad Street" for only 10 dollars because we got a special discount with a Wings email that we got because they were having a draft party last night so we figured what the hell it would be fun and something to do. So we went and ended up going through the extreme scream park with Jeff Ratcliffe and Tom Hajek ... they play for the wings. It was really fun, they are both really nice guys too. But the scream park was really good, they definitely scared you. I know I scream, and Katie scream and Tom screamed haha. Actually his scream was more of a yelling and a some creature to let him go, lol. But we all had a good time and I haven't screamed that much in god knows how long and my throat today is a little sore from it. But it was definitely well worth it. So then after we went to the draft party and can I say how much it sucks to no be 21 and in a bar?!? Daria and I are soooo close, she is closer than me and a lot closer then katie since she turned 18 in april. But we had a good time none the less. I can't wait for the season to start =) and my internship with them to start ... that will come before the actually season starts so that will be fun times.

But yes ... I have serious allergy/sinus problems ... I have to go get a catscan of my sinus to see what the hell is wrong and then go to an allergist so they can stab me in the arm and see what I am allergic to. Fun Fun.

But I am out, gonna go grab some coffee before class ... later on :-*
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