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So yeah i'm trying to make myself tired so I can go to sleep, even though i should be tired. Here is my weekend recap ... Friday I had no class, slept all day then went to work. Came back and went over to Cassidy's and we got wasted. We played a few rounds of high low then we played Kings. And when it was all said and done, my head felt like it was swimming. So I came back and passed out. Satuday, I woke up early, well 9ish so I could get ready and drive home. Did my laundry, ran to wal-mart to get some candy and a little present for my cousin Xander, then I headed to MD to baby sit him. I got there, gave him his present and he was happy as pie. We played with his toy, ate pizza and then waited for his parents to leave. Once they did he cried a litle but his half sister, Kayla was there so he stopped and then we played forever. We then sat down and watched Finding Nemo. Kayla went to bed and I was up with the hyper maniac until 12. He did not fall asleep until 12, then was up at 6am. Holy shit .. thank god I got to give him back when I was done with him because I am so not ready to have children. But yeah anyway, I got up and eventually left and went back home. Dropped off a costume, picked up my laundry and watched the Eagles. Yeah 7-0!! But then I headed back to school, dropped my shit off, parked and headed to work. Worked until 8 then came back here, showered and watched Desperate Housewives ... great show might I add. Then worked on a paper, finished that, then watched Hocus Pocus and Scream 2. And that brings me up to now. Hmmm well I'm feeling a little tired but unfortunately not enough to sleep but oh well. Later on :-*
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