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It's been awhile..

Since I have last updated this thing. Well my life has been consumed by my internship with the Philadelphia Wings *which is indoor lacrosse for anyone who doesn't know*. I live there, from about 9 in the morning to roughly 5 at night, but sometimes later until about 7 or 8 ... yes I have no life. But it's been fun. I really like PR which is why I am interning there to get a hands on feel for it since that it what I plan on doing someday. But I deal with the media and coming up with cool ideas for the team and what not. But other than that, I do absolutely nothing because I have to be up early and I get home late and am exhausted. So don't be surprised if I drop off the face of the earth, especially when school starts because I have class moday-wednesday then I am in the office thursday, friday and saturdays (only game day saturdays). But yeah that has been my life. I'm a little late on these things but I hope everyone had a great christmas and a really happy new year. Oh and happy birthday to Leila, I know that I told her that early because I might forget, lol. But i'm out because I'm tired, surprise surprise.
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